Our Focus

Guaranteed results


Implementation phase

Focus on Systems, Training and Results

Systems: goals, planning, execution and follow-up

In our philosophy a system is a complete set of tools that allow a company to set and communicate its goals throughout all levels and to all individuals in such a way that each individual understands what is expected of him or her (goals roll down). It also comprises the communication back up of what was actually achieved so that management knows on a daily, weekly and monthly basis whether the agreed objectives have been realised and most importantly what action is required to get performance back on track and keep it there. We specialise in the development and effective implementation of your management systems.

Training: Leadership development

A key aspect of CARLTON Productivity`s approach is a customised training and coaching program, which supports your organisation and which your people can relate to. After various training workshops, the participants at all levels are coached in one-on-one sessions to ensure they apply the learned skills, to encourage sustainable behaviour change and to stimulate responsibility. We structure the content to accommodate your team’s abilities and experience and to achieve your objectives. We incorporate the challenges and issues that your people face on the job.

Results include

  • Clear-cut objectives, so people know what is expected of them
  • A targeted reduction of at least 15% in your total operational costs
  • Improved turnover and profit margins.
  • At least 100% Return on Investment on project costs (guaranteed). We typically achieve more than 300% Return on Investment
  • Reduced capital investment
  • Increased problem-solving capacity, an action oriented and self-learning company culture
  • Quality improvements supported by all those involved
  • The right people on the right job