What we do

How does it work?

The CARLTON Productivity approach consists of three phases

1. Analysis

A team of CARLTON Productivity professionals conducts a detailed analysis of the organisation over a period of three to four weeks. The outcome of the analysis is a clear definition of the potential for improvement and the financial benefits that will result from initiating a project. Additionally, the project approach and costs, as well as the achievable Return on Investment and the anticipated project duration, are part of this conclusion. This approach provides a solid basis for your decision to start with an optimisation and implementation program. We will only provide you with a project proposal if we find enough potential and if we can guarantee our results.


2. Implementation

In close cooperation with you and your team, we implement the agreed improvements. CARLTON Productivity`s methodology is tailored to meet your company’s specific needs and circumstances. To ensure the implementation of changes, we apply a set of proven and tested change management principles that drive employee buy-in.

Embedding the improvements

After a project is finalised and the CARLTON Productivity team has left your organisation, our methodology and know-how has been embedded in your organisation. We have intensively coached those involved in the project to drive the required changes forward. Additionally, the necessary measurement systems have been put in place to support all levels within the organisation in achieving their goals.


3. Perpetuation

It is CARLTON Productivity’s mission to deliver total service to all stakeholders. With this in mind, we offer periodical audits, if required, after the project is finalised. This way we support you in maximising the results for the long term. Issues are identified in a timely manner, allowing you to take needed action without excessive effort. If desired, we conduct weekly follow-ups, monthly audits or 6-monthly audits.